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​The Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s (ISDA) Indiana Grown Program is an all-inclusive collaborative initiative to promote Indiana produced agricultural products to Indiana residents, restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, wholesalers, processors and other retail businesses. In addition, through the Indiana Grown program, the ISDA is establishing a marketing strategy to promote Indiana agriculture nationally as well as internationally. The Indiana Grown program is seeking Indiana producers to attend the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit Conference located in Atlanta, Georgia from October 22-25. The PMA Fresh Summit conference is a great opportunity for producers to market their product to potential buyers. The Summit is where produce and floral industry leaders from around the world converge to share ideas, breakthroughs and inspiration. No other single conference in the produce industry helps one create global connections, cultivate industry talent, find practical solutions to complex science and technology issues. PMA’s connections reach across the[Read More…]