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Elkhart County
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​During the past two weeks, I am aware of two beehives that were almost decimated when insecticides were used nearby.  In both cases, the commercial applicators had used the DriftWatch program before spraying to look for sensitive crops or bees near the targeted crop.  However, neither hive was recorded in DriftWatch.  DriftWatch is a web-based program to help growers of sensitive crops and bees to map their location.  Pesticide applicators can bring up maps of the area to be sprayed, warning them of potential issues. DriftWatch is free of charge.  Sign up at  Growers and beekeepers provide information such as name, address, phone number, and the location of the field or hive.  You do not need to have an email address to sign up for DriftWatch.  Simply call Beth Carter at the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, (765) 494-1585, to get an account set up.  If you do not have a computer at home,[Read More…]