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Have you thought about producing your own value-added products (value-added: further process fresh produce to increase its value)? What’s the challenges for you to start or scale up your own value-adding business? We would like to invite you to participate in the study “Attitude, Knowledge, and Barriers towards Value-Adding Business among Indiana Fruit and Vegetable Growers”. We are interested in learning about your perspective and experiences. Your feedback will be very valuable for us to develop better food safety curriculum for value-adding business that address your challenges. All the responses will be kept confidential. We have two projects that you can participate in: Online Survey: this survey mainly focuses on understanding your attitude and experience on value-adding production, and your barriers to building value-adding process. You can participate in this project if you are Fruit and/or Vegetable Grower. You do not need to have a value-adding business! Please help us[Read More…]