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Dicamba has been in the headlines the last two weeks.  In case you’ve missed it, here are the highlights: On June 3 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency and its 2018 registration of over-the-top dicamba products Xtend, Engenia, and FeXapan and vacated their registrations. The suit did not include a fourth over-the-top dicamba herbicide, Tavium. The ruling can be viewed here: Between June 3 and June 8, state regulators across the middle part of the country were forced to interpret the ruling, with some choosing to ban the products and others continuing to allow them. Extension row crop weed scientists across the county pulled together recommendations for managing broadleaf weeds without dicamba, including Purdue ( On June 8 the EPA issued a cancellation order for the three dicamba products, but allowed applicators to use products in their possession. The[Read More…]