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“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”  – Yogi Berra No matter what your business does or who it serves, the business (and its employees) need goals and objectives. Yogi Berra sums it up best – you need to have a target or you’ll never make it there. Goals are general and can help to shape where you are going, where objectives should be concise and explain how you will get there. Action plans can subsequently be established to break down each objective into small, manageable projects (normally taking no longer than a week each to complete). Goals and objectives give you something to work towards, complete with timelines and metrics.  When defining goals and objectives, make sure that they are SMART – smart, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and timely. You can set goals, objectives, action plans, and associated timelines and metrics related to personal[Read More…]

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The Purdue Initiative for Family Firms (PIFF) is a new initiative in Purdue’s College of Agriculture, housed in the Department of Agricultural Economics. PIFF is an integrated research, outreach, and teaching program. It offers educational programs that address the major competencies needed for effective family business ownership and management. The goal of the initiative is to prepare family business stakeholders—strategically, financially, and emotionally—for the significant and sometimes unpredictable transitions and decisions that must be made, which determine the success and continuity of the family business. PIFF provides multi-generational family businesses with research-based business management resources aimed at improving personal leadership performance and driving operational growth. PIFF’s ambition is to prepare family business owners, managers, and stakeholders (including non-owner spouses and future owners) to be effective stewards of their family enterprises. PIFF publishes a quarterly newsletter that will house an article from each part of the pie, found on the PIFF[Read More…]